"The staff from Reception to Hygienist to Dentist are top notch and the best I have ever had. They take the time to know the patients and communicate with them in easy to understand ways, which makes the visit very comfortable and relaxing. it blows me away how much they remember about me and my family between visits. Truly they show they care about the people in their care and from this and every past appointment I've had, show me this is the place where I can trust I am in good hands."

Aron A.

"Staff always make me comfortable. If there are billing questions or issues they are on top of current practices and inform me in a timely manner. Dr. Wasylyk is professional and stays current with treatment forms. Need a crown - in and out in one day, no temporary, and no waiting for permanent crown to be fit. Love that technology. Takes the hurt out of dentistry."

                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Georgette L.

"Dr. Jason was my daughter’s dentist and she recommended him. He is very good and he made my smile beautiful. I am very, very, happy with him. He is a lovely person and very honest. I recommend him to everyone I meet."

Danuta K.

"Jason is very skilled at what he does. I had a difficult procedure – a front implant where the gum had to be fixed. I did not expect it to turn out as well as it did. I was so impressed with the outcome. Jason and his team are highly skilled and make you feel at home. He is very down to earth, easy to talk to, good at explaining thing, and very good with people."

Jeff F.

"I was one of Jason’s instructors and now he is my dentist. He is broadly informed, technically highly skilled and ethically untarnished."

Dr. John W.

"I actually look forward to going to the dentist since I started going to Dr. Jason seven years ago. The entire staff is so friendly and it’s such a relaxed environment. Dr. Jason is always interested in my life and is very caring and concerned about how I’m feeling during procedures. The thing that put it over the top for me… they now have Netflix!"

Ashley C.

"Dr. Jason is very knowledge, confident and personable. He keeps my teeth in such good shape I don’t have to go very often."

Dr. Merville V.

"I love the atmosphere at Ambrosi Place Dental Care. Everybody is friendly and asks how I’m doing. If you’re nervous they calm you down. I’m not nervous with him at all now. He didn’t pressure me about any of the procedures and he gave me time to think about them before I had them done."

Dorothy K.

"We just moved to Kelowna and during home renovations, my front filling fell out. He got me into his office ASAP and in one day I had two new crowns. I could have cried when I saw them. He did such a great job! I loved the service and was totally happy with the way things went."

Nadine R.

"My family and I have been going to Dr. Jason for about 10 years now. He is very friendly and personable with me, but when it is time to be professional, he is spot on. He is an expert in his field. With my kids he has great chair-side manner. He treats them like real people, he doesn’t talk down to them. He takes their fears away and is fun at the same time. My girls love him."

Scott L.