Posted By: Dr. Jason

Several years ago, when my son was six, I learned an important lesson about balance. Our neighbour’s and their dirt bikes fascinated my son. As soon as he heard the bikes start up he would run outside and sit on the lawn. He’d watch from a distance as they got ready and then took off into the backcountry behind our home in Kettle Valley. He would sit and wait for hours for them to come back. When they returned, he would watch them clean up the bikes and put them away.

I was very busy back then – busy working and building a practice. I was so busy that even though I knew Mother’s Day was approaching, I couldn’t seem to remember to get a present for my wonderful wife.

One night, I was driving home, late as usual. I was annoyed by the lack of speed from the truck in front of me. I thought he’d turn off, but to my dismay he just kept going the same direction I was headed. I was frustrated and annoyed that I was going to be even later getting home. Then I saw the truck pull into my driveway!

Inside the truck were two brand new dirt bikes: one for an adult and one for a child. My wife came out and just smiled at me. I remember saying to her “You didn’t!” Well she had. She said the best gift she could have for Mother’s Day was to see her husband and son enjoying time together.

Riding dirt bikes with my son was a great way to connect back to the outdoors and get back into fitness and health. Eventually all of us got dirt bikes. It was a great way to explore and connect as a family.

Several years have passed and my older son and I are the only ones who are still active in riding and racing dirt bikes. It is still a huge part of our lives.

That gift… those bikes… reminded me that life is more than your lifestyle or your work. It’s about being active and staying healthy. It’s about spending time and having fun with those you love. Life is about balance, and I strive to maintain that balance every day.