Posted By: Dr. Jason

Halloween – Tips on staying cavity free

Halloween is an exciting time of year filled with pumpkins, scary movies, and of course candy! For all those trick or treaters out there, or parents (we see you sneaking into your kids stash), here are a few tips to help protect your teeth. Let’s not have cavities be the scariest part of Halloween!

Believe it or not some candies are worse than others for your teeth. Some of the worst candies are caramels, toffees, or other sticky treats. These stay on your teeth for a long time and make their way into the pits and grooves, and in between your teeth where bacteria can have a feast and create tons of cavity causing acids. Lollipops and hard candies are bad too because they take a long time to dissolve, allowing your mouth to be in an acidic environment for longer.

The best options are plain milk or dark chocolate (think Reese’s, Smarties, KitKat). These melt quickly which allows the saliva to wash away any leftover sugar and allows your mouth to return back to a neutral healthy pH. The very best options are sugar free gum and candy with xylitol.

Avoid frequent grazing and snacking to limit the time your mouth is in a dangerous acid zone. Try to have treats only once per day right after a meal when saliva flow is highest. Have your kid pick out a certain number of candies allowed per day. Rinse mouth with water to help wash away sugar/carbohydrates. Brush for two mins and floss!

Happy Halloween from your dental team at Ambrosi Place!