Posted By: Dr. Jason


In the same way the world has progressed into this technological age, the dental field has come a long way in leaps and bounds to making dental treatment faster, more efficient, safer, and more esthetically pleasing. 
One example of this would be the crown procedure.
Who remembers the days of having to come in for a long procedure only to leave with the job half done, having to deal with a not so comfortable temporary for a couple weeks while your permanent crown is being made?

Coming to the dentist already isn’t your favorite thing to do, so why make it something you have to do twice for the same thing?

I want to take you step by step through how easy and quick the new and improved method is.

Step 1:  Dr Wasylyk prepares the tooth, by shaping it with a handpiece and burs, if the tooth is broken down and/or decayed he will clean it and build it up with a composite (white) filling material called a core build up


Step 2: He scans and designs the new crown on our Cerec Omnicam and send’s it to the milling chamber in the back lab.



Step 3: The milling chamber makes the new crown by milling (fabricating) a perfectly custom crown from the design by Dr. Wasylyk out of a porcelain block. Similar to a 3D printer, but dental style.

PicMonkey Collageresized.jpg

 Step 4: The crown is fired in the furnace to bring the material up to the maximum strength of the chosen block material. It is then polished to look and feel just like your natural teeth

Step 5: Dr. Wasylyk cements the new crown in, and you are good to go!
In 2 hours, we have accomplished what used to take several weeks and multiple appointments.


But also don’t be scared by the length of the appointment either! He is not working in your mouth the whole time. For steps 2-4 (about 40 minutes) you are free to relax, watch a little Netflix, take a nap, and maybe even go for a walk!