Posted By: Dr. Jason

Patient Related Protocols:
-We’re screening each patient both on the phone before coming to the appointment, and prior to them entering the clinic. T
he screening consists of a series of questions and having your temp taken at the office.

-All door handles in the clinic are being wiped after someone touches them.

-For an Aerosol generating procedure (basically when needing to use a hand piece, cavitron, etc..) you will likely see the staff gowned up in additional PPE including gowns, face shield, mask, gloves.

-Right now the hygienists are not doing Aerosol generating procedures so this means they will be strictly hand scaling for the short term. They will also not be polishing your teeth.

-No additional people will be allowed in the office unless they're a caregiver and needed for patient care or a parent of a really young child. We're trying to reduce the number of people who come in and through the office during this time.

-Patients are encouraged to use the washroom at home prior to appointment. 

-Contact-less payments is preferred. We ask that you provide your credit card details before your appointment for a smoother checkout experience, or be ready with a mode of payment that can be tapped on our point of sale, with a limit of $250.

-Upon arrival to the clinic our front door will be locked, wave at one of the ladies through the glass and they will be out as soon as they’re able to screen you. You may wait in the main lobby on the bench.


 Clinic Related Protocols:

-We have a fogger that we will be using to disinfect the office at the end of each day.

-HEPA air filters are being used for Aerosol generating procedures.

-Wiping all touch surfaces and the lobby bench every hour.

-Patients will wash their hands upon arrival into the treatment room and typically once they leave the treatment room after an Aerosol Generating Procedure. 

-Patient will do a 1 minute mouth rinse that contains 2% hydrogen peroxide at the beginning of every appointment.